Adult escorted tennis holidays explained

I hope that this article will give you a great insight as to what to expect on one of our typical adult escorted tennis holidays! This article is designed to help you decide to book with us and provides you with lots of helpful information about your trip. Should you still have questions after reading this then please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions that you may still have.

Who normally goes on these trips?

“What type of people go?” is a common question that we hear from prospective escorted holiday customers.

We get adults of all ages, they are in 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. Age is just a number and we all share the same interest in tennis, we get an average age of around 45. We also get a good balance between genders. Everyone that comes is up for a great time and is sociable with others in the group. The maximum group size is 16 tennis players and we may get the odd non-player too.

Most clients come alone, and we get one or two couples per trip, not necessarily both tennis players. We also sometimes get a small group coming together, making up a section of the group.

The booking process and organising your flights

Tennis Breaks are providers of accommodation and tennis coaching packages at selected European Tennis Destinations. We sell these packages then search for flight options for our clients, which they then go and book themselves.

As a client during an escorted tennis holiday you have the option of travelling out on the same flights as your escorting coach or making arrangements that suit you better in terms of times and airports. Your travelling coach flight information will be made available to you and they will likely travel to and from Gatwick.

If you need to fly from other airports then it may be possible to meet with your tour leading coach at Palma airport and transfer to Pageura with him and others in that group. Otherwise assistance in making a transfer will be given.

A taxi costs approx. 45 Euros or there is a group shuttle which is much cheaper, at under 10 Euros. The shuttle journey is however less direct and more time consuming and you may need to wait at Palma, before the shuttle departs, depending on your arrival time there.

For those travelling with the tour leading coach there will be group private transfers pre-arranged which cost approx. 15 Euros each way.

Clients can flight search themselves and book suitable flight times. Our selections offer flight times to give clients good time to get settled in before their tennis programme commences. Likewise for the return home, flights are selected several hours after the final tennis session to avoid any rushing around and of course to give you time to have a final lunch

For good flight information we suggest people go to Google Flights, here.
For booking your own transfers, click here.

Where we stay, the town and our hotel

Currently all of our adult escorted trips are to Paguera, Majorca. It is ideal for short tennis breaks as it is just a 25 minute transfer from Palma airport. Paguera is a lovely touristy town with lots of hotels, shops and restaurants, with three lovely beaches.

See more info about the hotel, here.

Our hotel is The Hotel Valentin Reina Paguera. It is ideal for our adult escorted trips because it is a large, well located and equipped hotel. It is also adults only, pretty much guaranteeing a totally peaceful and relaxed stay for our groups. We stay half-board, which is great value for money for our clients. The group may still wander out after dinner for a change of scene and a drink overlooking the sea.

The Valentin Reina Paguera hotel sits between the beach and the tennis academy, which are a five minute walk in either direction. There is no need to hire a car, everything is walkable, which adds to the relaxed atmosphere of the trips.

For more information about the hotel where we stay please visit the hotel groups website, here.

The on-court part of your trip

The Tennis Breaks 14 hour adult group tennis coaching programme is included In our very popular 4 night adult escorted tennis breaks.

The escorting coach is normally Paul Barton an LTA Level 4 qualified coach with over 25 years of tennis coaching experience, and over 20 years experience in organising escorted tennis holidays.

The other half of the Tennis Breaks coaching team is Lee Wakefield who is a Majorca resident. Lee is also from the U.K. and has similar long and extensive experience to Paul and is also LTA qualified.

The Tennis Breaks coaching programme is for adult players of intermediate to top club level.

Our maximum group size is 16 players.


8-12 May, 2109 | 9-13 October, 2019

Our 14-hour programme starts on the Thursday morning our tennis itinerary for this programme is as follows:


  • Session 1 at 9 – 11 am or 11 am – 1 pm
  • Session 2 at 4 – 6 pm or 5 – 7 pm


  • Session 3 at 9 – 11 am or 11 am -1 pm
  • Session 4 at 4 – 6 pm or 5 – 7 pm


  • Session 5 at 9 – 11 am or 11 am – 1 pm
  • Session 6 at 4 – 6 pm or 5 – 7 pm


  • Session 7 at 11 am – 1 pm

During our programme we cover technique and the differences between how to play on clay over surfaces you most likely play on at your home court or club.

Whilst we are teaching you to master the clay, the majority of the technical work you will be doing will suit your game as a whole for all surfaces. Playing on clay just requires a slight variation in movement and tactics.

Our tried and tested drills are ideal for clay and generally improving your overall game. We also include content and drills to work on both your game for singles and doubles.

We are confident that this programme will greatly improve your game and our feedback is excellent with players returning time and time again, some even twice or more each year.

It is really nice to see people return and I genuinely look forward to seeing familiar people time and time again.

The off court part of your trip

Travelling out with your Tennis Breaks coach/Tour leader means that you do not have to think too much, as you will be led around all the way. You will be able to discuss your game before even setting foot on a court and between sessions.

Your tour leader will assist you in all aspects of your trip from travelling to any questions that may crop up when you are there. They will be at the end of a mobile phone if you arrive independently at Paguera, and will be keen to meet you for the first time and show you around.

Off court, there will be plenty of nice places to rest and relax, like the beaches or the lovely terrace and pool at the hotel. There is also a decent restaurant at the tennis academy which over looks the courts, as well as sunbathing area and a pool onsite.

If you have plenty of energy left over between lessons, then we can organise more tennis for you and there are other activities that can also be organised for you.

There will be organised evenings each day, starting with group dinning, followed by drinks in the lovely town. On the last evening we organise a group trip out to Palma, which is optional. If you do come with us an see the exciting Palma at night, come for a few hours or stay late.

The last thing your touring coach will do is see that you get back to Palma ok. A group private transfer will be organised for those who are travelling on the same flight back or departing at similar times. If you are heading back early or later then your guide will be on hand to discuss your plans to transfer back.


I hope that this article has assisted you in deciding whether or not you would like to join us on an adult escorted tennis holiday.

Most of our trips are made up of people who have been with us before and some of these players come out with us twice a year. New people are always welcome and the number of trips we provide grows with time.

The people who come out are generally very nice, friendly and social people who enjoy meeting and mixing with new people. This is definitely a holiday where you can make new friends for life, seriously improve your tennis and have a holiday that you will most likely always remember.