Tennis Holidays Travel Information

Please read the information below which explains how to book and when to book your flights and transfers for both our escorted and bespoke holidays. We do not book your flights ourselves, but will do all of the hard work in searching for the best deals available to you. Your transfers can also be booked by ourselves.

Adult Escorted Tennis Holidays

Flight Bookings

Once you have decided to join us on any of our Escorted trips, we will need to confirm your place before you go ahead and book your flights. 

We will let you know the flights that our tour leader/travelling coach will be travelling outbound and inbound on. You will then have the option of either booking these flights or making your own more convenient flight choices.

If you just are flying in and out at different times from the tour leader, as many do, then we will then meet up with you at the resort. 


If you travel with your tour leader then it is simple, you will have been automatically booked onto a private group transfer, which costs approx. 15 Euros each way.

Those travelling on other flights may be able to join the group transfer if their flights times are of a similar departure and arrival time into and out of Palma. Otherwise you will need to book your own transfers. There are shuttle bus, or you can take a taxi.

Bespoke Tennis Holidays

Flight Bookings

After you have decided on where and when you would like to book a bespoke trip with us, we will first confirm your accommodation and coaching package at your chosen destination. We will then hold all of this for you, whilst you book your flight/s.

We will be happy to assist you with flight searches in order that you get the best deal and get you to your destination at the right time.

Your flight times will allow plenty of time to relax and start and finish your tennis package in time.


We are happy and to sort out transfers for you in advance to which ever resort you are travelling to, whether for a single traveller, family or group. We are also able to sort out car hire if you require.